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Hello Kay,

I would love to have a copy of the article you wrote about free vegetables. The ladies will love it too. Thank you so much! We are so blessed by you. I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing First Place has been for our church. Our (very first) First Place group began July 7th. There are 10 of us.

We are so excited each week to see each other, and everyone has already begun to lose weight. The bible study is awesome, and now there are many other ladies that cannot wait until the next group to start in October. So, we are singing praises to the Lord!

God bless you,
Teresa Thurin
Canada (I attend Calvary Chapel-Ontario)


Hi Ladies,

Just thought you would want to know that TEN YEARS AGO last month, August, 1993, I was first introduced to the two of you and to “First Place.” Praise the Name of the Lord! What a difference it has made in my life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and “somewhat” physically (ha).
I was looking back at some 11-year-old pictures over the past few days. It was not a pretty sight!
God bless. Just wanted to say “Happy Anniversary To Me.” I think I may just “haul off” and reward myself with an apple.

Jim Clayton Pastor
Dixie Lee Baptist Church
Knoxville, TN



Your new book, Back on Track, is wonderful. Every chapter spoke to me and it was as if you were describing my “battle with my bulges.”

I have been a part of the First Place program since 1985—as a member, leader, FP staff member and sometimes even a spokesperson. I went from 320 pounds to 163 pounds and kept those pounds off for over 12 years. But, for the last six years I have struggled with keeping my weight off.

After reading Back on Track, I knew what needed to be done. I needed to place my eyes back on the Lord, and recommit to Him. Since making that commitment, God has truly blessed me.

After reading your book, the next week at my office, I began to share with several co-workers about the 16-week Triple Dare. To make a long story short, six ladies and I began the challenge on August 5. Everyone in the group bought Back on Track and the First Place Food Exchange Pocket Guide. We purchased a scale and started meeting every Tuesday at lunch. Since the first meeting, our group has grown to 12 ladies. I think this is the first time I have led a group that grew in numbers the first three weeks, and no one has quit, even after eight weeks. Our Bible study is your book, 16 chapters for our 16-week commitment. Most of the ladies read Back on Track the first week, but as we discuss each chapter, God reveals so much more to each one of us.

None of the ladies were familiar with the First Place program, so I taught the First Place Food Plan. We call ourselves the “Back on Track” group and we follow the plan in your book: 16-Week Triple Dare—BELIEVE God, TRUST God and OBEY God!
Our commitments are directly from your book:

  • Spend time alone with God.
  • Make healthy food choices and write them down.
  • Exercise at least once every 48 hours.
  • Rest! Remember, a tired body and weak mind causes us to make bad choices.
  • Journal! Write down what God reveals to us!
  • Weigh-in weekly.

I have had several ladies approach me and ask if they can join the next session. Boy, God is really at work!

Continue to pray for us as we continue to get back on track. Oh, by the way, the weight loss is great (I’ve lost 21.5 pounds), but my closer walk with the Lord is what gets me through the day. Thank you Jesus!

Sheila Robbins
First Place E-newsletter editor