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Dear Carole,

I just received my copy of “Back on Track” yesterday and I have read most of it already. I LOVE IT! Carole, I have read more books on weight loss and diet than I can count – both Christian and non-Christian. This is absolutely the VERY BEST I have ever read. You have perfectly described the diet war and struggle all of us have been through. This book will speak to both non-believers and believers. You and God have outdone yourselves with this one! It is your best book ever! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

Love you,

Janet Kirkhart
First Place Networking Leader


NOTE: June Chapko wrote to Carole after attending the Leadership Summit July 31-Aug 2. The Triple Dare is an inflatable raft that attaches to the back of a boat and was the inspiration for Carole’s Triple Dare Challenge.

Good Morning Carole,

As you know, a jellyfish stung me (7 times), while waiting in the water to ride the Triple Dare (TD). Yes, it was worth it and I have fully recovered. The meat tenderizer worked great. But, I wanted to share something the Lord showed me as a result of my wild ride on the Triple Dare.

After a false start that resulted from low air pressure in the raft that dumped Pam, Mark and me into the bay, we at last were ready to ride. We poised our bodies with head and shoulders down in anticipation of the take off. I was in the middle position, which I chose, thinking it the safest place to be. The exhilaration we all felt when the boat zoomed ahead and lifted us almost out of the bay was beyond what any of us imagined. We screamed and yelled at the top of our lungs. I felt like a child again, riding a roller coaster. As the boat turned, the raft was lifted like a taco shell with me in the middle. Both of my co-riders were thrown against me with great force and held there by the pressure of the ride, until we finished the curve and were once again on a straight path.

Speed increased and Mark (on my left), was threatening to be catapulted into the waters off the side of the raft. I screamed, “Lean on me, lean on me, lean to your right.” I repeated my instructions several times and he finally hollered back, “I AM leaning!” We laughed. Then Pam started slipping backward because her arms were giving out. I told her to also lean on me so you don’t have to support yourself so much. She did! I had both these two TD buddies leaning on me and they were actually helping me stay on as well.

We three successfully stayed on until the boat stopped pulling us. After arriving home and knowing that both my arms were extremely sore, I had no idea that I would see the huge bruise on my left arm where Mark had been thrown against me, and was continuously leaning his full weight again me. It has been over week since it happened and it is still a very big bruise.

What the Lord was showing me, Carole, is that we need to learn how to lean, as well as what having others lean on us really means. We need to lean fully of Jesus, with everything we have, because He alone can support us. When we put ALL our heavy burdens on other people, we can bruise them in the process. Some of those bruises can last a lifetime. Another thing I learned is that we should lean on others only for a season, so that they can point us to Jesus. The last thing the ride taught me was that it can hurt to have people lean on you, but “it’s worth it.” When someone leans on you and you help that person find success, and it can lead him or her to the Lord, it IS worth the pain. Our success in doing so can only come when we find our strength in the Lord, not in ourselves.”

Well, I just wanted to share my insight into what God has shown me. I’m proud of my bruise and when Nick asked me how I got it, I said it’s my “Triple Dare Badge of Courage.”


June Chapko
Networking Leader
San Antonio, TX