My Place for Discovery

My Place for Discovery is the first of a four-part series from the First Place for Health wellness program. As you work through the questions and exercises, you will begin to understand your eating and health habits more clearly. The goal is to be unafraid as we explore our deepest self. Discover why you make the health decisions you make and uncover the unconscious behaviors that have led to our health issues, including weight, strength, flexibility, disease, and much more.

You will take a fearless moral inventory from a spiritual point of view. While some of the issues we face are psychological, medical, or personal issues, FP4H does not claim to be doctors, psychologists, or counselors, and we are not equipped to give clinical care to those with deep psychological or medical issues. However, FP4H—and you—have the most powerful tool of all to deal with these and other issues: the Word of God. The majority of us don’t need medical or clinical help—because we have a physical problem with a spiritual answer. The spiritual expertise we need is found in the Word. So My Place for Discovery is written to help you identify what may lead you to overeat, and we’ll point you in the direction of an answer from God.