My Place for Fitness

My Place for Fitness will inspire you to choose fitness. It will help you develop your own personal fitness strategies so that you can begin making changes starting today. You will have an understanding of fitness that will motivate you to choose a new level of health and wellness. This book will also be a place where you can be real with yourself about your struggles and successes. You can write, pray, examine, and track your journey. Some of you are excited about this journey and others of you might be dreading it. For those dreading it, First Place for Health believes that even small beginnings can yield tremendous results. We aren’t going to ask you to go out and run a marathon tomorrow. You can start right where you are.  The old adage “use it or lose it” is true. You will have the tools and knowledge you need to attain and maintain an active lifestyle throughout your life. You are never too old, too heavy, too (fill in the blank) to start.