My Incredible Journey


There is so much I want to say but the first is a big Thank you!! I just read Carole Lewis’s article and it encouraged me. This past long weekend was a problems for me. Something triggered an eating binge on breads and other high carbo items and I was so disappointed in myself, reading her article…I realized that at some point we all fall down but admitting it and becoming transparent is part of the battle and when you do that, it doesn’t leave room for the enemy to hide and it allows God’s grace to flow.

My own journey with First Place began last October, 2010 after a mid-September retreat of my ladies ministry team from my church. I poured my heart out to 5 other dear women and to God that I didn’t want to go “round the mountain in two areas of my life.” The biggest one being weight (which I have struggled with all my life). The second one is housekeeping. Well the Lord provided an encourager from that group that helped me be accountable. It was such a wonderful weekend, that I wanted things to continue to change. I contacted another friend who had lost weight and asked what program they had used. She was even a leader at one time. She told me about First Place, so I went to the website and started searching for a group. I’ve tried so many programs over the years (and who hasn’t), considered surgery (which I decided wasn’t for me), but what I really wanted was something that was Bible based. I thought why not try this and found a group close to my house that meets once a week. They had already started the previous February and when I joined in October, they were in their 3rd session, but the 4th week of “Balanced Living”. To the current time, I have lost about 35 lbs. I’m not real good with the Live It Tracker or really following a strict calorie program, but what I have seen is that as I study the word, apply the word, do the bible studies and have increased my prayer times with the Lord, He has changed my eating habits. I’ve seen my stamina increase, I’m off 2 of 3 blood pressure medicines and I’ve started exercising more. I don’t recognize myself in pictures, but God is working on my self-image and He said he was making me new. Not only do I have a weekly group outside of my church that I’m accountable to, but I have a dear prayer partner and encourager from my own church. It has been an incredible journey so far and occasionally I want this to be done and over, but then I would miss all the other things God wants to do. There is still a long way to go and I’m not sure of the destination, but little by little I’m getting there. ( I started at 275.5 and am down to about 240 and have lost 3 dress sizes. Thank you Carole Lewis and thank you to First Place 4 Health and most of all, THANK YOU GOD.