My Place for Discovery

My Place for Discovery

Human beings have struggled with behavior since the beginning of time. In the Garden, Adam and Eve made a disobedient choice to eat the wrong food. Throughout history others chose the wrong path, too. Even while fiercely following God, Moses, Noah, Sampson, and others disobeyed and failed. Finally, King David cried out, “Search me O God and know my heart….”

The majority of us don’t need medical or clinical help—because we have a physical problem with a spiritual answer. While we at First Place For Place aren’t psychologists or doctors and never offer medical or clinical advice, we have the Living Word as our guide and our doctor. So, we have developed four My Place for Discovery books. Each book is designed to be completed during one12-week session.

Book One – Searching Myself: We will discover how life experiences and personal traits contributed to unhealthy living.

Book Two – Searching Life’s Lose and Weight Gain: We will consider losses—relationships, property, health, dreams, and more—and ponder how loss contributed to health choices.

Book Three – Searching What Should be Taken Off and Put On: Using Colossians 3, we will determine what the Bible says to remove, and then unearth the secrets and surprises of God’s wardrobe.

Book Four – Searching the Fruit of the Spirit: We will discover how to take control by giving control to the Holy Spirit.

We’ve added these new books because we want to set you up for success. Each week you will continue to study your Bible study, one lesson per day 7 days/week. You will add the My Place for Discovery book, but you will only complete one lesson per week. Your life may be completely changed like mine was changed. When I started writing these books, I was excited about building a tool for FP4H, but I didn’t know that God would make a spectacular change in me.

I have always loved sugary food. Cookies, cakes, pudding, and especially ice cream. And if the delicacy was chocolate, I loved it even more. My affection wasn’t slight or simple like someone who merely enjoyed a sweet occasionally. No, my affection was a serious addiction. Ice cream called my name from the freezer. I felt compelled to eat cookies until the package was empty. I would be ashamed for you to know how many sweets I could eat or how much I ate when I knew no one was looking. I had a theory, if no one saw me eat it, the calories didn’t count.On top of my physical desire and love for sugar, I used it to ease my emotional pain because for me, sugar satisfied me when life hurt.

In My Place for Discovery, I took a new look at myself and considered underlying feelings of selfishness, anger, negativity that I didn’t know were hidden in my heart. I caught a glimpse of my addiction to sugar and a vision of the power of God to overcome my bad choices, habits, and obsessions. And now I am no longer addicted to sweets. Everyone who knows me is astonished. God transformed me dramatically. A miracle!

One lesson per week isn’t too much to ask for a huge change in your life. I encourage you to discover what may have been hidden to you. For the abundant life, the peace, the joy, the victory, and the transformation. You can do it. He never promised to do wonders with our weaknesses but through His strength. I look forward to hearing your stories about how My Place for Discovery transforms your health.

Karen Porter is an international speaker, a successful business woman, and the author of seven books (including Speak Like Jesus and I’ll Bring the Chocolate and her soon-to-be released My Giants, God’s Victory. She is president of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, and president of the First Place 4 Health board of directors and serves on several other national boards. Karen coaches aspiring writers and speakers. She and her husband George own Bold Vision Books a Christian publishing company.