My Place for Fitness

My Place for Fitness

As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. It was obvious that the elephants could, at any time, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not.

He saw a trainer nearby and asked why these animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. “Well,” the trainer said, “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and at that age it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.”

The man was amazed. These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were. (1) Like the elephants, how many of us go through life believing we are stuck right where we are? That we can’t break free from bonds we believe were real?

Is getting fit one of those bonds you’ve been conditioned to believe you cannot be successful at? We’ve got great news for you. In our new materials, My Place for Fitness will give you the confidence, knowledge and strategies to break free and find success. You’ll learn how to find your motivation, overcome plateaus, develop your own activity pyramid, and write your own prescription for fitness based on your own unique numbers. One size fits all might work for some things, but fitness is not one of them.

You’ll learn what all these crazy acronyms like RMR, BMR, BMI, THR, MHR mean and how to use them for success. And there will be some fun things too, like how to look good while working out, what to carry in a gym bag, is a fitness tracker helpful and how to buy the right shoe and lace it correctly.

Being fit doesn’t mean you have to have achieved your goal weight, but it does mean you have to be moving. New studies say that being sedentary is the new smoking. So, get up and on your way to a new fit you with My Place for Fitness. Your journey begins here.

Mary Ward is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is also an ACE Faculty member leading various Continuing Education classes for fitness professionals. Mary is the Marketing Director and Northern Virginia Area Director for Body & Soul Fitness®, and has been a Body & Soul instructor since 1987, teaching FIT360, Power Strength, Cardio/Strength, Gold and Dance Blast classes. She is also certified through Refit®.