My Place for Nutrition

My Place for Nutrition

When I was first asked over two years ago by Vicki Heath to author the revision of the food plan, my emotions were all over the board. First, I felt extreme excitement!  I would get to do something for a ministry that changed my life, a program that I have loved for 23 years now….what an honor!  Then came the fear that I couldn’t possibly be “smart enough” for this task.  But God assured me “it would be OK”, He would help. After all, He had helped every single person who had this job since First Place began in 1981, and He wouldn’t stop when it was my turn!


Now, I am so thrilled to share My Place for Nutrition with you.  I was told before I began writing the book that I could do something new—I could write it in the “first person”, speaking to you from my heart and my own personal experiences, just like I have talked with many of you at FP4H events.  No more “nutrition textbook”!  So, when you read this book, hopefully you will hear my voice–and see my heart–for this awesome, life-changing program.


I want to assure you that even though the book doesn’t sound like a textbook, the food plan includes recommendations from the most up-to-date scientific nutrition research.  It continues to be based on USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the “Choose MyPlate” nutrition program.  These are updated every five years, including the review of literally thousands of clinical studies.  The “Live It” food plan has never been a “fad” diet.  It is trustworthy and reliable.  That has not changed, so you can rest assured that there are no wacky ideas presented!


So, what’s different? Over the past few years, I have had several frequently-asked questions about the food plan.  In the course of writing My Place for Nutrition, I tried to remember those questions as I wrote to help bring clarification.  What do you do with “unhealthy” fats for instance.  Where and how do they count? What about non-dairy sources of calcium?


I also get asked: What are the BEST foods and beverages to consume?  After discussion with the national staff, we decided to address this by dividing the existing six food groups into three sub-categories:  Superfoods(with extra nutrition benefits), Everyday Foods(with average nutritional value) and Caution Foods(foods with little or no real nutrition benefit).  As I have always said, there are no “evil” foods—anything can fit into a healthy overall eating plan in reasonable amounts. However, I think these new sub-categories will truly encourage us all to set the bar a little higher in regard to our choices.


My Place for Nutrition also contains several “Wellness Worksheets” regarding various nutrition topics. These are also based on current research and now include personal stories about my family, friends, and myself, so hopefully you will enjoy those as you learn about the topics discussed.


I hope that each of you will enjoy the book and that it will help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals.  I love 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”.    It is my heart’s desire that more people will see that it truly DOES matter how we feed our physical bodies, and that they will bring their food choices as an “offering” to Him daily.


Charlotte Davis has led First Place 4 Health groups in Arkansas churches since 1995 and says that she never plans to stop because God forever changed her life and her priorities through the program!  She has served as Arkansas Networking Leader for over 15 years and has also served as a speaker (and sometimes Worship Leader) for many national FP4H events including Summit and Wellness Week.  Charlotte is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian, credentialed as a School Nutrition Specialist, and works as the Child Nutrition Director for an Arkansas public school district of about 4100 students.