My Place to Race – 40 Day Challenge

Your mission is to travel 40, 80, or 120 miles in the name of physical and spiritual wellness. You can take this trek on foot by running, jogging, or walking on the road, trail or, treadmill. You can do this at the gym or on the track. You can even race on a bike, outside or inside. You can even substitute your favorite exercise activity for miles (20 minutes of activity equals one mile). You get to complete your race at your own pace and time it yourself.

Recruit your family and friends to encourage your efforts with prayer and possibly additional donations. What better way to keep you motivated to be active each day than knowing that you are doing good not only for your body and mental health but also for your community.

Each participant gets the following items, each with the event logo:

  • A printable race bib
  • An event t-shirt
  • A finisher’s medal
  • Digital milestone badges
  • Entries into a raffle and random prize drawings
  • A printable finisher certificate
  • Access to our social media community that will keep you motivated
  • That blessed feeling you get for doing something good for yourself and others.


  • 40 Miles is 1 mile per day for 40 days or 1.33 miles per day with 10 days off
  • 80 Miles is 2 miles per day for 40 days or 2.67 miles per day with 10 days off
  • 120 Miles is 3 miles per day for 40 days or 4 miles per day with 10 days off

You will have access to the race website to record your results each day.  You can also view the leaderboard and see where you stand against others in the challenge. Join us! We start on March 14.


  1. Is there a fee for this?

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