Virtual Online Groups

Friday Morning ~ Rascoe

Fridays 8:00 to 9:15AM Central Time REGISTER NOW Leaders:  Marie Rascoe Bible Study: Live Life Right Here Right Now Session Length: Seven Weeks Virtual Group Session Cost: $24.99 The first meeting for all members Friday, April 24, 2020 Friday 8:00 to 9:15AM Central Time  

What Is a Virtual Group?

A virtual group meets online weekly for the purposes of encouraging and holding each other accountable. The virtual group follows the standard First Place for Health meeting format.

Each week we meet for seventy-five minutes. The first fifteen minutes, we greet each other, share a God sighting and recite our scripture memory verse. After the first fifteen minutes we open in prayer, review the prior week’s challenge, spend time on a Wellness Topic and then discuss the bible study. Your leader will randomly pair you with a group member to serve as prayer partners each week. Prayer partners exchange prayer requests after the meeting via text, email or telephone.

Virtual meetings require a web cam. Some web cams are built into your device (laptop, tablet or smart phone). Desktop computer may need a web cam. Consider purchasing one starting at $25 online or in the electronics section of your local retailer. The web conferencing is easy to set up. The first time you use the software, you will download a free application ( for your device.

During our first meeting, your leader will give everyone the opportunity to connect and verify they can hear and see everyone. You have the ability to mute yourself during the meetings.

Logistically: weighing in is done virtually. Several hours prior to the meeting, you will send an image of your scale reading to your leader and an image of your Live It tracker. Your leader will go into more detail during the first meeting. Weights and Live It trackers are confidential.

Group size limited to ten participants, developing close connections as you journey to wellness together.  Virtual meeting via video conferencing using your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

If you have sustained your healthy habits and had success with the First Place For Health plan, please consider joining our Virtual Group Leader team. Click here to learn more about joining our Online Group Leader team.

We’ll be glad to contact you when registration opens.  Click here to sign up.

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