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Looking for a Christ-centered weight-loss and healthy living program you can do online? The First Place for Health online session is designed just for you. You can join from home, a coffee shop, work, school, wherever you are. Find the group time that fits your busy lifestyle and get started on your journey to wellness.

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What is an online First Place for Health group?

An online First Place for Health group meets each week for the purposes of encouraging and holding each other accountable. The online group follows the standard First Place for Health meeting format.

Each week we meet for seventy-five minutes. The first fifteen minutes we share about our week. You’ll find encouragement and help setting strategies for the next week. After the first fifteen minutes we open in prayer, review the prior week’s Healthy Challenge, spend time on a Wellness Topic and then discuss the Bible study.

Another typical component of a First Place for Health meeting is the weigh in. For your online group, weighing in is done on your own. Several hours prior to the meeting, you will send an image of your scale reading to your leader. Another component is the Live It Tracker. Each week, you will track your food and other wellness goals. The day of group, you will send an image of your Tracker to your leader. Your leader will go into more detail during the first meeting. Weights and Live It Trackers are confidential. 

How does it work?

Online meetings require a web cam. Some web cams are built into your device (laptop, tablet or smart phone). Desktop computers may need a web cam. Consider purchasing one starting at $25 online or in the electronics section of your local retailer. The web conferencing is easy to set up. The first time you use the software, you will download a free application  ( for your device. Your group leader can help you with this step.

Can anybody join?

Yes! Whether you have been in First Place for Health or this is your first time, whether you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, all are welcome. However, group size limited to twelve participants. Click here to join an Online Group

What books and materials do we use?

Each participant needs a My Place Member’s Kit. Information about what Bible study your group will use is found on the registration page of your selected group. See links below. Order your materials directly from the First Place for Health Online Store at

Here’s what people are saying about their online First Place for Health group.

“Honestly, I felt it was an excellent experience. Our group was so amazing, you could tell God put it together! I felt like things just really clicked with me this time!”

“I loved the “no pressure” gentle approach. I have a rebellious nature and being pressured would not work for me. Encouragement and suggestions, supported with scripture is a perfect combination.”

Join an Online Group 

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First Place for Health exists because of leaders who love the Lord and want to honor him by living balanced, healthy lives, and share their knowledge with others.

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Contact Helen Baratta if you have questions about our Virtual Groups.