Become an Online Group Leader

Once you have participated in an online group, the next step might be leading an Online Group.

How does it work?

Most of our Online group leaders started as a member of an Online Group.  We recommend participating in at least one session of an online virtual group before becoming a leader.  We have different levels of leaderships as well.  Some lead on their own, others co-leaders and share the responsibility, and some serve as an assistant to their group leader.

If you haven’t tried an online yet, click here to join an Online Group

Become an Online Group Leader.

First Place for Health exists because of leaders who love the Lord and want to honor him by living balanced, healthy lives, and share their knowledge with others.

Our Online Group Leaders:

  • Make a personal commitment to place Christ first in all things.
  • Show success and live out the program FP4H components: Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical.
  • Meet once a week with your group throughout the nine-week session.
  • Follow the First Place for Health meeting format outlined in My Place for Leadership.
  • Contact group members throughout the session to encourage them and answer questions.
  • Pray for group members regularly.

First Place for Health supports our Online Group Leaders by:

  • Providing training, encouragement and support for YOU.
  • Supplying the leader with material for your group (your bible study, questions, challenges, etc).
  • Providing connectivity for video conferencing to lead your meeting.
  • Providing support to you through videos and/or email.
  • Praying for you throughout the session.
  • Providing a small honorarium based on the number of enrolled members.

Click here to complete an application and we’ll set up a time to meet and discuss you joining our Online Group Leader team.

Contact Helen Baratta if you have questions about our Virtual Groups.