Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.

1 TIMOTHY  4:7

“You must eat a grapefruit with every meal,” a well-meaning friend instructed, as she nodded knowingly. “This is supposed to really work. I read about it in a magazine.” Another magazine article spouting advice, I thought, from yet another so-called expert wanting to sell books providing a quick fix to rapid weight loss. I’d seen it all and, unfortunately, tried it all before. Grapefruits all day. Ice cream only. Liquids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every time I turned on the TV or stood in line at the checkout stand, I would find myself bombarded with the next great diet and health program. Some had tidbits of truth; others, well—let’s just say I found myself wanting for a new program or plan. This constant seeking and searching for the ultimate weight-loss program had me flipping from one fad to another. I was caught up in the madness of myths and old wives’ tales, things God’s Word instructs us to avoid if we are seeking godliness.

But wait a minute, don’t those scriptural instructions apply solely to the spiritual realm? That was a question I often pondered. I found myself compartmentalizing my life. Body, mind, emotions and spirit were different; therefore, I should treat each accordingly. Shouldn’t I? Hopefully, you already know the answer to that question. Fortunately, I do too, thanks to First Place 4 Health. Rather than treating just “one piece” of ourselves, we are to focus on becoming godlier in all areas. Godliness embraces complete health, including a healthier body. God’s Word gives us all the information we could possibly need to attain maximum health in every area of our lives. We no longer need to depend on whatever myth or fad the world is currently serving up. Instead, let us fill up on the right feast: God’s truth, found in His amazing Word, and the complementary godly principles implemented in First Place 4 Health.

Action Item: Before you spend money on the fastest-growing weight-loss fad, take time to search God’s Word and your First Place 4 Health materials for answers.  Remember: There is no quick fix that offers lasting, godly results.

Carol VanAtta

Troutdale, Oregon


Taken from Better Together.  A devotion book penned by FP4H staff and members from around the country.  A great resource to use to inspire and motivate you in 2016.  Order your copy at www.FirstPlace4Health.com