Our Heart’s Desire

Our Heart's Desire

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.
Mark 11:24

For years, I wanted a contract for one of my novels. I already had written several Bible studies and stories or devotionals for various compilations, and even a story in a novella, but nothing in a novel. I voiced this desire several times over the years, and one of my First Place 4 Health members started praying for me and my writing.

When Carole Lewis introduced us to Give God a Year, I decided to try it and see how God would work. In January 2009, I made the list of things for my part, and then God’s part. One of the things on my list for God was to get a contract for a novel. I didn’t share the list with anyone, but did my best at keeping my end. I didn’t always succeed, but I didn’t give up.

With the prayers of Dee Matthews, and several other friends, and my new commitment, I had confidence and believed that God would honor my request. What happened that year is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and how He answers the prayers of His children.

In June of 2009, on my 73rd birthday, I received a call from my agent that Strang Communications wanted to offer me a contract for a book proposal she had sent them. After accepting the offer, I received a contract for not one, but four books all based on the one proposal we had sent them. God had not only answered our prayers, but had blessed me four times over.

We are on this journey together, and when we share our heart’s desires with others who then pray for and with us, it becomes sweet music to God’s ear. We rejoice with each other in triumphs, and we cry together in heartache. God hears and sees it all, and blesses us beyond measure for our faithfulness to Him and our belief in His answers.

Action Item: Make a list of ways God has been faithful in answering your prayers. Then write a prayer of thanksgiving for the many blessings He has given you.

Martha Rogers, Houston, Texas

Taken from Better Together, FP4H Devotional Book.  To order, visit our website, www.firstplaceforhealth.com or call 800.727.5223, x1002.