Patty Bailey

Patty Bailey

Recently one member of our group asked me a question that really made me think, so I wrote this in response.

How does studying forgiveness, or even doing this Bible study help me lose weight?

Honestly, I don’t know how it works but I know it does work, because it worked for me. My dysfunctional home life caused me to use food for comfort. At 12 years old, I weighed over 200# and this was the beginning of my dieting. My diet mentality encapsulated my life for the next 30 years. I learned points and calorie counting. I measured and prepared food. I worked out HARD. I called a friend every night for over 3 years to keep me accountable. I knew nutritional values like the back of my hand. It makes total sense to solve a physical problem (obesity) with a physical answer (portion control, exercise, ect) that I created based on what everyone else was doing. My problem was not the weight or the over eating. My problem was having bipolar disorder without treatment. My problem was insecurity. My problem was that I gravitated towards invalidating people. God cured me through First Place 4 Health meetings. He used my obesity to change me from the inside out. He gave me a place where I belonged, where I felt safe. He placed me with people who truly loved me. They would really listen to me and give me really great advice. We helped each other move, clean, run errands or just about anything when one of us had a need. The Lord started to heal me by exposing me to real love. As the years passed (about seven), I did lose weight. I didn’t get close to my goal weight, but at 190#, I had been able to take off 60#. Those years were amazing, even though I wasn’t reaching my weight loss goals. I became addicted to the Bible. I took trips to see Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. I was involved in a First Place conference. I became confident when I learned how important I am to God and His kingdom. My circle of friends completely changed to Christians who loved God. Things were so good,  why couldn’t I get to a healthy weight? I don’t know, but I knew He would do what was best for me. July 2016 I was given the gift of gastric sleeve surgery. I would have never imagined that would be an option for me. Right now, I weigh 160#. Ten pounds from my goal. Not one of us knows the plans God has for us. God wants us to be dependent upon Him. He wants an intimate relationship with us. The Bible teaches us who God is, what He expects from us and the rewards that come with obedience. While reading the Bible, God will light our individual paths. This is the information we need to transform, so don’t ever get discouraged. Maybe this isn’t your season for weight loss. God may have other plans right now. Maybe other parts of you need healing first. To hear God’s will, you must study His word. Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness and these things will be given to you as well. The First Place Bible studies have been life-changing. The lessons meet me right where I am. Through the study God shows me the things I need to work on . So, no this isn’t like most weight loss programs with counting and weight and talking food. This is a program where we learn how to submit to God’s requests. When we do what He says (may not have anything to do with weight), success will follow. He promises that! You will lose weight when you continue to make progress in the program. Work on the one area God leads you to. As you make those habits part of your life, God will lead you to your next project. So, one at a time take on an aspect of the program. Log food, track exercise, Do one study per day, not seven the night before. Memorize scripture, call your prayer partner, make prayer #1 priority, utilize recipes in the back of the book, go to for ideas and encouragement. Do the things that you can do… and allow God to do the things you can’t.