Pave the Road with Patience


A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly. Proverbs 14:29

I could barely see beyond my rain-splattered windshield. Thankfully, I managed, with the wipers on high speed, to locate my exit. Letting out a sigh of relief, I prepared for the final leg of my journey home following a long day at work—a stressful day, to put it mildly.  Just as I merged onto the off ramp, another vehicle sped by, cut in front of me, and headed up the ramp, only to slam on his brakes and skid to a stop before redirecting his car back onto the freeway. To make matters worse, he performed a certain, unacceptable hand “gesture” as he raced away into the stormy night.

Shocked, and more than a little dismayed, I analyzed my choices:

1.      I could tear off and follow him in a radical display of road rage.

2.      I could yell not-so-nice things about him the rest of the way home.

3.      I could choose to pray and behave in a patient and kind manner regardless of the fact that no one was watching.

Honestly, I started with number two before remembering that I did indeed have an audience — of One. This particular “audience” was the One that mattered most. My Savior had a front row seat to my actions. He could hear my words. He knew my heart.  I realized right then that ranting and raving in my car at a driver already a mile down the road was just plain foolish. I could follow my Lord’s example or act as ridiculous as the stranger with whom I was angry.  Thankfully, I stopped my fuming and instead, prayed for God to protect this person as he drove away so recklessly, and in the end I made it home in one piece with a sense of peace that comes from exercising patience.   Patience is possible. Remember, no matter what the circumstance, practice patience and experience peace. We’re foolish not to!


Dear Lord, Your Word instructs me to avoid folly, and instead make wise decisions in my daily life. One wise choice that will help me avoid foolishness is practicing patience. It may not be easy, but with Your help, it is possible.

Action Item: Take a moment to remember the last time you lost your patience and the choice resulted in foolish actions or words on your part. What could you have done differently? Commit to choosing wisely when future opportunities arise.

Carol Van Atta, Troutdale, OR

Taken from Better Together, FP4H Devotional Book releasing this month.  To preorder, visit our website, or call 800.727.523, x1002.