Persistance, Not Perfection

Persistance, Not Perfection

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.  HEBREWS 10:24

Years ago, in my first session of First Place 4 Health, my leader, Joy Huber, spoke a word of encouragement to our group that has ministered to me ever since. She told us that our First Place 4 Health journey was about “persistence, not perfection.” She would continue to speak that encouragement over us that entire session. My heart’s desire was to learn everything I could about the program and follow it without fail. But in my struggles along the way, Joy’s encouraging words echoed in my mind—it’s persistence, not perfection. I am so thankful to the Lord for using Joy in such a practical way that continues to minister to me as well as to our First Place 4 Health group. Temptation will rise, faulty thinking can make us feel entrapped, discouragement can trip us up; but we need to remember that the journey we are on is indeed a journey. Sometimes I think about this journey being a race, with all of our First Place 4 Health family together on the course.

There are times when we might trip and fall. That’s not the tragedy. It’s when we choose not to get up and get back in the race. I think about our members cheering each other on and how that fuels our passion and gives us strength to carry on. When I am on the ground after a tumble, I see the hand of Jesus extended to me. He is speaking to me, “Its about persistence, not perfection; lean on me, and carry on.” The burden of failing to live up to perfection is too heavy. But encouragement to be persistant is vital to our health and wellness. It is fuel for our hope and passion to live in the freedom of Christ.

Action Item: In what ways can you spur others on with encouragement toward love and good deeds? You may never know how the impact of your encouragement may be the hand of Christ reaching out to help someone up.


Dear Lord, may You use me as Your instrument to spur others on so that You can make a difference in their lives.

Connie Welch, Keller, Texas