Praise God, I am a walking miracle

I know I am late to make this report, but I had a 3-way bi-pass surgery Nov. 21. Praise God, I am a walking miracle, and gaining more strength each and every day!

Our small group of five (Raleigh St. James UMC FP4H Group) has made the most progress this past fall. We are proud to say with God’s help, we lost a total of 64.7 in the twelve weeks.

We were unable to have a celebration gathering due to my surgery, and want to have one when we return for our first meeting in January, which will be 1-15-13!!!

I wrote an article to give other church members hope and possibly more interest in joining us. Even our preacher gave us a congrats, and that’s saying something! I am so proud of our group, and hope our Raleigh Group and be a lighthouse to others and can keep up the motivation!!!

We hope that through our prayers, guidebook, and God’s path and love, we will all pleasing to God and make the most of our New Year.

In His Name,

Susan Curtin