Praise Worthy Patience

Praise Worthy Patience

A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.


When I looked at this verse, I could easily understand that a wise person is a patient person. But what does it mean when it says, “It is to his glory to overlook an offense”? One of the dictionaries says that glory is a “highly praiseworthy asset.”  Another said that glory is “great honor and admiration won by doing something important or valuable.”

God must think it is a big deal when you and I overlook offenses! How many times are we offended each day? Think about yesterday. Did someone say something rude or hurtful to you? Did someone not do something he or she promised to do? Did a friend fail to include you? Did someone cut you off in traffic? Did someone fail to thank you for a favor? All of us have opportunities every day to be offended or to overlook an offense. If we are wise, we will learn this admirable trait if overlooking offense. A wise and patient person will be a healthier person.

He or she will have lower blood pressure and a lower stress level than the person who gets angry at every offense and angry at the offender. My husband, Johnny, had stage 4 prostate cancer and God used his disease to teach me patience. Some of the prescriptions he took caused him to have short-term memory loss. His long-term memory was as sharp as ever, but he had a hard time remembering if he took his medicine or where he put something. Most of the time, I was patient, because I knew he didn’t remember. But sometimes when busy, I would get that edge to my voice, which told him I was offended by his asking. When I did this, I wanted to immediately take it back, but it was too late—the look or tone was already out there. Life is too short and too precious to keep a record of offenses. When we lose patience, a quick, sincere apology will help us remember the next time. God uses our trials as heavenly sandpaper to teach us patience. Let’s be wise people today!

Action Item:Practice wisdom and patience today. Jot down every time you could have been offended and give yourself a star for overlooking the offense. God will honor you because you did something important and valuable.

Carole Lewis

First Place 4 Health National Director Emeritus

Houston, Texas