Publicity Tools

Check out these free publicity tools

  • Promotional Video

    This video will give people a quick snapshot of what First Place is all about.

  • Download the Press Release

    The press release provides all the information necessary for new members to learn about and attend your group meetings.

  • Download the Flyer

    Post this flyer in grocery stores, in your church or anywhere to attract people in your community to this powerful program.

  • Logo for Promotional Use Only

    The use of the logo is intended for group promotional purposes only.   It should not be used for logo-wear such as clothing and miscellaneous novelty items.


To Download

Click on the tool you would like to download. This will open another window.

When the image appears in the new browser window, control-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) on the image and save the image as a file to either your desktop or to a pre-designated folder.

To Use

Open the application that you will use to create your document. (Word, Publisher, Word Perfect, Works, Apple Works, Illustrator, Quark, basically any application that will allow you to “insert,” “import” or “place” a picture.) Bring the desired picture into a document according to the application. Size and place according to needs.

To Print

You must download the image. If you open the image from the website (in a browser page) you will NOT be able to size the image. After downloading, either open the image in an application that allows you to do a “page setup” (i.e., jpeg viewer) or bring the picture into a document and size accordingly.