Purpose meets Passion

In the beginning, GOD.”  Before our “New Beginnings,” God is already there.  A FP4H member once said, “That is the story of my life. No finishes, just beginning again and again.” I was about to get caught up in the moment of sadness when the Spirit of the Lord stopped me and allowed me to view all of the diets and exercise programs I had begun. I had so many new beginnings, I couldn’t count or remember them all. I could have viewed each “new beginning” as a failure, but realized that each one was actually a learning experience, a stepping-stone to where I am today.

God has a purpose in placing us on the starting line.  In each one of my new beginnings, God was already there. He has a purpose in placing us on the starting line of our beginnings. His purpose is that His children are successful in all that they do. God has a passion for us to feel successful rather than feel like a failure for having to begin again. My main purpose in a “new beginning” is to lose weight and become thin. God’s purpose and passion is that I become healthy and live a long abundant life. When we stand on the starting line of a new beginning, we need to come to the place where our purpose in being there meets the passion our Father has for our success in each new endeavor.  You may say, “I know that my purpose is to exercise, but how do I become passionate for exercise?” Before you begin each day, know that God is there before you begin and look at it through God’s creative eyes. Begin each day like it is the very first day of your exercise program. Create a new day for your exercise, just as God did something new each day in the creation.  At the end of each day, look at it and say just like our Father said, “It is good.”

â     Day One: Weight training arms and upper body. Strength training and Stretching. Walk 2 miles/cardio/ with a bit of speed (treadmill or walk outside.) At the end of the day look at it and say, “It is Good!”

â     Day Two: Strength training/abs and back/stretch plus aerobics with the First Place 4 Health Strength & Flexibility DVD or favorite exercise DVD. End of the Day say, “It is Good!”

â     Day Three: Bicycle ride 5 miles or elliptical. It is Good!

â     Day Four: Strength training/legs and lower body/stretch plus exercise video. It is Good!

â     Day Five: Longer Cardio 3 mile walk. It is Good!

â     Day Six: Play day, tennis, skate, hike, kayak, recreational activity. It is Fun!

â     Day Seven: Day of REST and reflecting. Can you say, “Whew!” Now it is time to begin again in the morning.

By becoming creative in your planning, your purpose in exercise will meet the passion the Father had for creating the world for us to live in. In reflecting on each day and saying it was good, you will begin to look for the positive rather than the negative.  Begin looking at each day through the Father’s eyes. Remember! God is already there before we begin. Our Father thrives on our “new beginnings.”

Article from our archives written by Bev Henson, certified personal trainer.  Jeannie Blocher is travelling in Istanbul and will be back next month.