Rossanne Day

Rossanne Day

“My hopelessness has been replaced with hope.”

My story is about a never ending hunger, a need that I had for over 40 years prior to finding the First Place 4 Health program in early 2010. I am a workaholic, control freak, perfectionist and food lover. Is there anyone reading this that can relate?

I can remember my first embarrassing weigh-in experience. I was about 12 years old and we had to weigh at school. Our weights were announced, as we got on the scale for all to hear.  I was 5’2” and weighed 120 pounds, while the other girls were all less than 100 pounds.  Shortly after that, my first diet was grapefruit, boiled egg and black coffee for 2 weeks. I lost 10 pounds, but then gained 15 pounds over the next month.

The vicious cycle of the next 40 years had begun. I tried Atkins, diet pills, shots, Medifast, South Beach—you name it, I tried it. My willpower would only last so long, a week, a month, and even over a year.  I could lose weight, but once I got off the “diet,” I would go back to my old ways and gain more than I had weighed before the diet. I have lost 50+, 100+, and 145+ pounds at various times in my adult life.  There was always this hunger—an emptiness, which could never be satisfied until I found the First Place 4 Health program.

In early 2010, I had been on Weight Watchers for over one year and had lost about 110 pounds, but found that I was struggling with balance in my life. I was looking for a church home and went to a Sunday morning service at the First Baptist Church of Granbury in January 2010. The church program minister shared that a First Place 4 Health 12-week session was beginning that afternoon and encouraged members to sign up and attend.  I was not familiar with First Place 4 Health, but liked the focus on balance and health, not just weight loss. I went to the meeting that Sunday afternoon and realized my journey could be God-powered. I now know that it was the spiritual need I had for Christ to be my GPS (God-Powered System) for my healthy journey to a balanced lifestyle that had been missing in my previous weight loss attempts.

My hopelessness has been replaced with hope. Since joining First Place 4 Heath that day, I have lost an additional 100 pounds and achieved my goal weight. I learned that gluttony is a sin against God. I am God’s temple and the devil wants me to fail.  Before joining the First Place 4 Health program, I would tell myself that I am not breaking any laws or hurting anyone.  Isn’t denial a funny thing? I was killing myself for 40 years with unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices. How could I really expect to perform at my best if I ate excessively and put junk food into my body all the time?  I am still trying to forgive myself.  I now accept responsibility for my choices and know that God gave me free will; it is up to me to make healthy choices.

For me it’s about Progress, not Perfection. My GPS is about the “P”s—Program, Priority, Participation, Planning, Prayer, Preparation, Patience, Praise and Practice. My continued journey with my GPS will have bumps, detours and wrong turns.  I know that when I listen to my GPS that He will re-position me and keep me on the road to live a balanced healthy life.  I am truly blessed through the First Place 4 Health program. You can be too.

Taken from the devotional, Better Together available in our online store.