Scripture Memory Testimony


As I was reviewing my scripture memory verses this morning, the Lord revealed an amazing work He has done through this in my life. Back in 1997, I had the desire to memorize Psalm 139. Having been in the process of healing a damaged and unhealthy self-image, I knew this Psalm would be powerful in that process. I managed to “temporarily” memorize through verse 14 and stopped.

I began to lead a First Place group in January 2002, and that fall attended F.O.C.U.S. Week. It was an ideal time to fully memorize that Psalm. I did fulfill my commitment to the Lord and to myself and continued to review regularly. Many times, when alone and struggling again with the old lies playing over in my mind, I would recite that Psalm. Immediately, the truth of God’s Word would fill my mind and heart. I went through at least one session of First Place where each week my group prayer request was the same. For the renewing of my mind, Romans 12:2 has been a powerful reminder of what is necessary for the transformation process to happen.

This past year, I have read several books- based on scripture – dealing with seeing ourselves as God does. The Lord, in His gracious way, has used these books to show me how far He has led me in this process since 1997. What began with a desire to memorize that one Psalm, has accomplished so much. His Word is truth, it does transform lives and it is active, living, and accomplishes the purposes for which it is sent. (Isaiah 55:11) I do not have the words to even convey the awe and gratitude that I have for the Lord.

Jennifer Krogh
First Place Leader