Scripture Memory Testimony


Well, I did it. I quit my job and Southern Suppers and Catering is open for business.

The trial runs have been outstanding. I am working with two clinics, one especially for Diabetics and the other one is internal medicine, plus the people who call and want “take and bake” meals for their families.

You will love this! I cooked a dinner in Benton for 35 people and used recipes that I have developed or re-worked to be First Place. One man came into the kitchen to apologize to me saying the food was so rich he was afraid to eat it, because of the fat content. When I told him how many fat grams were in each serving, he ate two helpings.

I love what I am doing and believe with all my heart that God has called me to do this. I could not have done it without First Place.

Betty Lacy
former First Place Networking Leader
Hot Springs, AR