September 2001

I received my First Place Group Starter Kit yesterday. Today I have spent a lot of time watching all 3 videos and reviewing the other materials. I am very pleased and excited about all the new materials. They are just great!

I have been involved in First Place for three years and it has changed my life. The nine commitments have become a way of life for me. The first six months after joining First Place I lost 35 pounds. Almost 30 years ago my weight had reached 214 pounds. At that time I lost 80 pounds. Even though I never gained all that back, every two to three years I needed to lose about 20 pounds! Since losing the weight through First Place, I have maintained at my weight at 135-138 pounds for the last 2-1/2 years.

I have led the First Place group in my church, New Hope Baptist Church in Versailles, Kentucky. It is a small church and we have around 160-180 in Sunday School. Our last session of First Place had only 5 members, but it was a very close group and we saw much success. Our next First Place session begins on September 9. I ask for your prayers for class success and that more people become interested and excited about the class. I also ask for prayer as I lead the class.

I have not had the videos before and I think they are going to be a very big help to make the class more effective. Thank you for all the work and planning that has gone into all the new revisions. I appreciated all the testimonials of the other members who shared and helped with all sections of the video. They certainly touched me and got me excited to do more!

I also have enjoyed the First Place Newsletter during the last year. (I will be praying for Carole’s husband as he is going through the treatment for prostate cancer.)

June Wright
Versailles, Kentucky


We are overjoyed to show you our new First Place website, Steven Nofziger at Gospel Light designed the new site with the help of Sheila Robbins, our First Place graphics designer. Gospel Light will now have the capability of taking the orders from the internet, thus streamlining and speeding up the order process.

The pre-orders of the FP materials are more than any of us hoped or dreamed for. . .just like God, isn’t it? Please continue your prayers for the precious people at Gospel Light who have worked so hard making the launch of the new materials a reality. Also, we thank you for your prayers for us during these months of transition.

To view pictures of the FP Leader party at Carole’s house, please go to and scroll to bottom of page.

Carole Lewis
First Place National Director


On June 9th, my home flooded from the 36 inches of rain that Houston experienced in a 24-hour period. This tragedy has been named “The Flood of A Lifetime” for Houston, Texas. I was only one of over 30,000 families who lost their homes, personal property, and automobiles.
During these trying times my First Place friends have cried with me, encouraged me, loved me and prayed for me. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your cards, letters and e-mails that you have sent these past months. I am reminded of the verse from Ecclesiastes 4:10: “If one falls down, his friend can help him up.” Even though I don’t know you personally, I am truly reminded of the love of friends.

Sheila Robbins
First Place Newsletter Editor, Webmaster


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