Set Yourself Up for Success

Set Yourself Up for Success

Are you sabotaging your efforts or setting yourself up for success?  Behaviors that are related to weight loss and weight management range from preparing dinner at home most nights of the week to cutting your food in half at restaurants and packing up half of it to go. Some behaviors will be easier to adopt than others. But all of these suggestions will make your physical and social settings, as well as your personal attitudes and beliefs, conducive to whatever behaviors you need to adopt.

Clear Out “Toxic” Foods from Your Immediate Physical Environment.  Clean out your refrigerator, your pantry, your desk drawer, your closet, your car—wherever you find the wrong edibles! Don’t wait for the food to disappear later in the week—clear out the junk today. This includes high-fat, high-calorie and nutritionally empty foods and beverages. Eating some of these in moderation is one thing, but a food environment consisting of “staples o’ junk” is quite another. Send the following foods on a long vacation:

  • Regular soft drinks and other sugar-filled beverages
  • Fried foods
  • Non-whole-grain bread and pasta
  • High-calorie sweets
  • High-fat dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and whipped cream)
  • Left-over holiday treats

Make a List of Food-Free Activities that You Consider Treats. Think of the many available things that are fun and food-free, and then make a list of these that you can keep handy. You can find great emotional satisfaction away from food.

Treat yourself to constructive activities after periods of regular exercise or other sustained healthy behaviors. Is it difficult for you to think of nonfood treats? Try these:

  • Take a walk outside.
  • Write in a journal.
  • Visit a neighbor or friend.
  • Go to a local art gallery
  • Purchase home-repair supplies at your local DIY store.
  • Take your dog to a park.
  • Get lost in your favorite bookstore.
  • Sit in the sunshine with a good book.
  • Get a manicure or a pedicure.
  • Plan a vacation or long weekend away from home.
  • Review last week’s sermon notes while enjoying a hot cup of tea.