Seven Reasons to Keep Tracking

Seven Reasons to Keep Tracking

Of all the habits I’ve formed in the last eleven years of my wellness journey, completing my Live It Tracker has never changed.  If I track, I succeed. If I stop tracking, my weight rises.

  1. My tracker guides me and doesn’t condemn me. If I have a higher calorie meal or snack, I’m able to compensate during the next meal or the next day. When I fill out a tracker honestly and completely, it’s a great day.
  2. My tracker sheds light on the hidden calories.  If I can’t figure out how to track it, it probably has hidden calories.  I look at the nutritional information and determine how to track. If I can’t figure out how to track it, I’ll make a different choice.
  3. My tracker gives me greater success when I eat out.  At a restaurant, I ask the server questions and then do a quick Internet search for nutritional information. I might ask to replace the rice or potatoes with zucchini or broccoli.  If they don’t have whole grain, I might ask for lettuce instead of the bread.  I ask for the dressing on the side and at my favorite Asian Take-Out, I ask for the sauce on the side.   I desire my eating out to look as healthy as eating in.
  4. My tracker helps me maintain the weight I worked hard to lose.  All the way down the scale, my focus has always been to not regain the weight I’ve lost. I am the most successful if I write it when I bite it. If I wait until later, I develop food amnesia.
  5. My tracker masters my mindless eating.  If I didn’t measure, I’d be in big trouble.  Cereal, rice, potatoes, chips, nuts and crackers all require measuring. If the bag states fifteen chips for one serving, then I count out fifteen chips.  I like chip—I might count out another fifteen, and then another fifteen. Did I mention I like chips?
  6. My tracker can replace my scale.  Jumping on the scale every morning might display my progress, but it also measures water retention or my sluggish digestive system. I don’t need to weigh myself every morning if I filled out my tracker.  If you jump on your scale each day for feedback, consider tracking daily and weighing weekly. Try it for three weeks and email me your results.
  7. My tracker reminds me to rely on God.  One day I might be able to stop tracking and maintain my weight.  Today is not that day.  I ask God to bless my tracker and recognize my choices to honor him.

Find the tracker that works best for you.  Live It Trackers are available in our Bible studies. Download an 8×11 tracker from our website under resources. Change MyFitnessPal to resemble a Live It Tracker (see the Feb 2016 article – A small notebook works too.  Keep Tracking!

Helen Baratta

Helen Baratta is the Director of Development and oversees  virtual groups and networking leaders. Click hereto read more about her First Place 4 Health journey.  Contact if you are interested in joining virtual group leader or networking leader teams.