Sherry Bell

Sherry Bell

First Place 4 Health literally saved my life at 320 pounds. In my FP4H support group, I was prayed for, held accountable, loved by people struggling just like me…

As a prodigal, I was invited to church and read about First Place 4 Health in the Sunday bulletin. I was on an arduous, desperate roller coaster ride for over 20 years. Food was my idol, drug of choice, and my comforter as a food addict and emotional eater. I felt a sense of entitlement to binge. After all, it was my body.

Living in the bondage of shackles, shame, and denial, I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that I could succeed in winning this demonic battle. As a nutrition major, I was a poor example of a health professional, knowing how to purchase and prepare healthy food. However, what I learned most, is that this battle belonged to the Lord, and not to me.

First Place 4 Health literally saved my life at 320 pounds. In my FP4H support group, I was prayed for, held accountable, loved by people struggling just like me, and loved unconditionally as we studied His word. I lost 120 pounds and was able to stop blood pressure meds I had been taking for 25 years.

God revealed to me that this journey has never been about me (will power/selfpower),but about my relationship with Him (God’s power). Christ has given me an incredible platform to witness and share my testimony, especially when people ask me, how’d you do it? Christ is first and foremost in my daily walk, even as I struggle in my own flesh.

More than anythingI want people everywhere to know “to never, ever, give up!” Yes, I am still, and always will be “under construction”, but God is always faithful and He can do the absolute same for you with prayer, surrender and obedience. The potter is waiting to remold you in His divine power and purpose for your life. The challenge is worth it! Remember, our bodies do not belong to us, but are God’s holy temple. Hallelujah!

Sherry Bell

Charlotte, NC

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