Better Together

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God created us to worship and serve Him in a close-knit community with other people. In Better Together, a collection of 260 inspirational readings and 12 stirring testimonies from First Place 4 Health members around the world, you will find encouragement to nurture healthy, lasting relationships that bring glory to God and satisfy your deepest needs for fellowship. Each month of devotions is based around one character trait that is essential for developing rich community—love, service, patience, fellowship, compassion, encouragement, harmony, forgiveness, honor, godliness, prayerfulness and obedience. These readings are written by everyday people just like you who are wrestling with how to apply God’s Word to their lives and relationships and feature First Place 4 Health memory verses to help you keep the Word fresh in your mind and heart. Better Together will bring daily focus to your efforts to put Christ first in all things and find balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


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