Healthy Happy Cooking




Healthy Happy Cooking — Bringing back the family table with healthy,  delicious and simple recipes.

Between work, school, sporting events and more, families are busier than ever. But that’s no reason to sacrifice home-cooked, healthy meals. In this cookbook, you will find that getting takeout is not any quicker than cooking at home. It’s definitely not healthier. The recipes include fresh, whole foods that are easy to prepare. There is even an ice cream recipe with just one ingredient. One. It doesn’t get much easier than that. You’ll find a wonderful recipe for Caprese Pizza that comes in three versions – original, easier and easiest. Cooking from scratch can be easy, quick, healthy and delicious. Let’s get back to the family table and spend time enjoying delicious meals with family and friends.

Special addition — You will find “healthy hacks” throughout this book that provide tips and suggestions for making your time in the kitchen easier. There is also complete nutritional information with each recipe, including First Place 4 Health Tracker details.

These recipes are shared from the heart of Lisa Lewis. We have cooked together for many years, and I have observed firsthand, the care and thoughtfulness she uses in preparing every meal she serves. — VICKI HEATH, First Place 4 Health National Director


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