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Beyond Free, a First Place for Health Bible study,

In BEYOND FREE, we’ll study the power of obedience and what holds us in the chains of defeat. Galatians 5:1 offers a past-tense promise with a present tense punch. Jesus set us free, so we could live in freedom…now.  It says we must stand our ground, and not be burdened again by any form of slavery.

In this study, we’ll study and pray, binding ourselves to two staunch beliefs. First, freedom is real because Jesus offered it. He wouldn’t have teased us with it if it weren’t true. Second, freedom is neither perfection nor permission.

Gari Meacham is a popular speaker and writer, Gari travels the globe speaking at conferences, retreats, and events for women.  Her highly acclaimed books, workbook, and DVD series Spirit Hunger, Watershed Moments, Truly Fed, and Be Free are used in book groups and churches across the country.

A Leader Resource is available for a 12-week session.

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