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This book is the second of a four-part series from the First Place 4 Health wellness program. As you work through these questions and exercises, you will begin to understand your eating and health habits more clearly. Our goal of this series is to be unafraid as we explore how the losses of our past and present affect our eating habits and weight gain. We want to discover if we have allowed the pain and guilt and grief of loss to sabotage our health. The questions and exercises in this book will guide you through some of life’s pain and loss situations so that you can identify any roots of unhealthy behavior.

Loss is a part of life. The cycle of life brings death as new life is created. A seed dies in the ground before becoming a new plant. Leaves and limbs decay, but the result is rich soil for growing. A grandfather lives his life to the full and passes along his legacy to the children who come behind him. Loss doesn’t mean we quit or that we are failures. Our goal is to turn loss into a tool to make us stronger.

Unfortunately, many of us have reacted to our losses by overfeeding our body. In modern history, groups such as AA, Celebrate Recovery, Overeaters Anonymous, and others have developed twelve steps to help a person delve into the reasons why he or she chooses alcohol or drugs or food to satisfy deep psychological voids.

In the same way, the My Place for Discovery Book Two will help you turn loss into a new perspective and a new focus and a new desire to make right health choices.

While loss may cause some psychological, medical, or personal issues, FP4H does not claim to be doctors, psychologists, or counselors, and we are not equipped to give clinical care to those with deep psychological or medical issues. However, FP4H—and you—have the most powerful tool of all to deal with these and other issues—the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. The majority of us don’t need medical or clinical help—because we have a physical problem with a spiritual answer. So, My Place for Discovery is written to help you identify what drives you to overeating, and point you in the direction of an answer from God.

Your personal My Place for Discovery project centers around four books to be used in conjunction with your FP4H sessions. Each book includes ten lessons. Complete one lesson at a time. We’ve kept the My Place for Discovery lesson at a practical length so that you will have plenty of time to go deep into your memory, heart, and feelings. Each lesson will allow you to work through these personal subjects.
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