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Research has shown time and time again that keeping a food and exercise journal is the single most effective behavior in successful weight loss/maintenance. If you are more aware of what you are eating and have to record it somewhere, you just end up eating less! In My Place for Success, you’ll find a place to record your nutrition, your fitness, and more. You’ll also have a place to record your scripture verse for the week and pages for journaling. Journaling is much more than a writing exercise. It is an invaluable source of encouragement and help in attaining spiritual growth. As you study God’s Word, daily journaling both reinforces and expands upon the lessons you’ve learned. This makes it easier to reach the goal of a life that is balanced in the four key areas of life: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

In My Place for Success, you’ll have a place to:

• Easily record your nutrition: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
• Keep track of your daily activity and exercises.
• Record your scripture verse for the week.
• Be inspired by a daily motivational word.
• Get creative with coloring art on the journal pages.
• Journal your prayers and thoughts on your life, study and wellness journey.
• Answer questions that lead you to gratitude and reflection on your goals.
















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