The Joy Adventure


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In The Joy Adventure, we’ll explore what it means to experience joy.  Is it an emotional feeling or something much deeper? And where do we find it? How do we sustain it? Happiness is based on circumstances and perception. As high as we can feel when we are happy, we can also experience enormous depressing depths when happiness fades.

The good news is that we can experience something more permanent and stable than happiness: joy. What is joy? How is it different from happiness? What are its benefits? How can we get it and keep it? And how can joy be an essential part of living a balanced, Christ-centered life, empowering us to make healthy choices?

The Joy Adventure will examine the four-sided being that is the foundation for the First Place for Health program using the lens of joy. As we travel through our fitness journey, joy can empower us to make healthy choices and keep our focus on God, the Author of joy. Regardless of our circumstances, joy can be ours because we are His.

This 9-week study is designed to fit into your busy life.

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