Sizzling Summer Workout – Just 15 Minutes

Sizzling Summer Workout - Just 15 Minutes

This is a great workout you can do just about anywhere and does not take much time.  If you work at about 80% of your capacity, you should burn approximately the same amount of calories as a 30-minute walk, maybe even more!

It’s called the 5-4-3-2-1. We will do five exercises, for one minute each, alternating cardio and strength exercises. After you have completed the first set of five exercises take about a one-minute break to hydrate and review what’s next. Proceed with the four exercises, three exercises, two and then one, all for one minute each. If you have time and want to make the workout longer you can work back up the pyramid using the same exercises, finishing with the five.

You will need:

  • A set of weights – five pounds should do nicely
  • Workout mat
  • Stop watch or IPhone to time the exercises
  • Printed copy of this workout

Set the stopwatch where you can easily see it as you are exercising. Start the stopwatch and proceed with each set, taking 30 to 60 second breaks between each set to hydrate and review the next set.

The Five – one minute each

  1. Run or march in place
  2. Bicep curls with weights
  3. Squats with or without weights
  4. Overhead press with weights
  5. Jump rope (with or without a real jump rope)

The Four – one minute each

  1. Jumping jacks at your level
  2. Triceps kickbacks
  3. Front raises with weights

The Three – one minute each

  1. Front kicks
  2. Lunges – 30 second R and L – with or without weights
  3. Squat jumps or calf raises

The Two:

  1. Pushups or bench presses on your back
  2. Back extensions

The One:

  1. One minute prone plank – either knee or full

Remember to work at your level and take extra recovery breaks if needed – but get it done!

Go here to watch Vicki show you how to do each component:  5-4-3-2-1 Workout

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