Smoothie Making 101

Smoothie Making 101

Does your smoothie-making routine usually go something like this:

  • Dump a bunch of healthy ingredients in your blender.
  • Start it up and nothing happens.
  • Stop the blender and try stirring up your ingredients with a big spoon or add more liquid to try to get them to blend.
  • Repeat until you end up with a semi-satisfying drink that’s either too tart, too sweet, too thick, or too watered-down.
  • Drink it anyway, because what else are you going to do?

Well, no more! Here are a few simple tips to help you make a tasty smoothie with the perfect consistency.

Use the best stuff.

Forget the packaged mixes, the sad looking produce at the bottom of the drawer. Use fresh, whole foods that will give you the most flavor for your buck.

Get the right ratio.

For a creamy smoothie that is packed with flavor, you need the right ratio of fruit, protein and healthy fat. Here’s your guide for a smoothie for one:

  • Fruit: 1 ripe banana or 1 cup other fruit. (Both fresh and frozen are great, but if you use frozen, skip adding ice cubes.
  • Liquid: 3/4 cup. More and you might make juice instead of a smoothie. Water, low-fat milk, yogurt, coconut water, or unsweetened non-dairy milk all work. Healthy fat: A tablespoon or two of nut or seed butter or 1/4 avocado helps make your smoothie creamer and keeps you feeling full longer.  Note: If you like your smoothie to have some texture, use 1 to 2 tablespoons whole nuts or seeds instead. Chia seeds will make your smoothy thick and a little gelatinous. (If your blender can’t handle really hard ingredients like nuts, try soaking them overnight.)
  • Greens: Tossing in a handful or two is an easy way to sneak in an extra serving of veggies. Try something mild like baby spinach or kale (remove the stems from your greens)
  • Ice: About a cup keeps your smoothy icy and gives it more volume without extra calories.

Sweeten the Deal

The ripeness of your fruit and personal taste will determine whether you need to add extra sugar. A teaspoon of honey, maple syrup or molasses will blend better. Not much more than that or your smoothie might become a dessert!

Ice it down.

Since it’s hard to know how thick or thin your smoothie will be, add the ice last. If you add too much, it can water it down. Add about a cup of ice and see what you think. Keep adding until you have the consistency you like.

Blend away! If you’re aiming for a super smooth texture, you almost can’t go too long. Drink your smoothly immediately. Letting it sit for more than 20 minutes and it can start to thicken or separate. Enjoy!