Some Things Take Time

Some Things Take Time

My friend, Celeste Wright, has been on a weight-loss journey most of her adult life. Can you relate? We were together just a few days ago. She shared some impactful thoughts:

“In 2015, right before I retired, I had a revelation. I was 286 pounds, very overweight. I said to the Lord, ‘I will never weigh 300 pounds.’ I said this because I believe there is life after death in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:22. Right about that time along comes my friend, Jackie Cole. God told her to start a First Place for Health group with me and Michelle. I wasn’t so sure, but told her I would pray about it. We agreed to come together. When we did, we cried so much we had to start the bible study over twice! The bible tells us the evil ones comes to steal, kill and destroy and he was trying. I suffered a broken leg, diagnosed with multiple myeloma, chemo, things with my husband not good; then COVID, my husband passed away … I was a wreck … but God still had me. I had learned so much in FP4H about portion control and had identified my food triggers. I lost down to 230, but I would go back up, then back down. It was driving me crazy. Finally, I decided I need the help of a fitness trainer. I had already repented to God of putting my husband before Him, of hoarding, of putting everything before my relationship with God. But God is faithful. Last year at FP4H Restore Me conference, Vicki Heath said to me, ‘Celeste, next January I will see less of you!’ I decided to get healthy. I needed the help of a trainer. God provided. In October 2022, I started working with a trainer. Now down to 209, my total weight loss since 2015 is 77 pounds! I give God all the glory!”

Wow, sometimes it takes some time. Well done, Celeste. To God be the glory! Proud of you for never giving up.

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Vicki Heath is the National Director of First Place for Health. Vicki is a certified fitness instructor for the American Council on Exercise, a certified life coach and Wellness Coordinator for her church in Edisto Beach, SC. Vicki is an author of the books Don’t Quit Get Fit, Wellness Journey of a Lifetime and My First Place. She strives to bring others into the Kingdom through health and wellness.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony Celeste! You are an inspiration to never give up and to press on in the power of the Holy Spirit. You look fabulous!