Leading a Group

#1 Join God in His plan

Enthusiasm is the primary qualification for becoming a First Place for Health group leader.  The ministry is a Biblically based and medically trustworthy wellness program used as a discipleship model and an outreach tool.  Meetings can be held virtually, in churches, homes, neighborhood centers, campuses, hospitals or the workplace.

While leaders are not required to be at their goal weight before leading a class, they should be committed to following the program and moving toward a healthy weight as an example to the group.

Spend time praying and studying God’s Word.  God’s timing is perfect.

#2 Purchase the Leader Kit

The My Place Leader’s Kit contains everything you need to confidently lead your group.

  • The My Place for Leadership, is simple and easy to follow with practical lesson plans, sample forms – Your essential guide to lead your group.
  • The Digital Downloads provide content and videos to use during your meetings.
  • The Bible study, Seek God First is included in you Leader Kit. For each session, the leader will need to choose a new Bible study for the group.  Check our online store for the bible studies available.
  • The My Place Member Kit, everything a member needs to get started.

All the above is included in your Leader’s Kit.

#3 Connect with other Leaders

We’d love to encourage you and connect you with other leaders.  Join our Leader Facebook Page – FP4H Leaders Helping Leaders.  Consider joining the Inner Circle for encouragement.  Our Monthly Inner Circle Meet Up always includes a leader topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a First Place for Health leader, you have the awesome privilege to witness lives radically changed as your members learn what it means to give Christ first place emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Your class members will lose weight and learn how to exercise, but the deepest life change can occur when Jesus Christ becomes Lord in their lives.

In 2020, many groups moved to a virtual location. There are several different platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or others. You should choose the application that works best for the leader. Many groups have split the fees among the group members.

Some groups are virtual for now and will go back to in person in future.  Some groups have one leader for those meeting in person and another leading the virtual group.  Yet other groups are using both virtual and in person.   To help and encourage leaders in using the virtual technology, we have a monthly Virtual Leader Meet Up to practice the virtual aspects.   Check Events for more information.

Anyone willing to allow Christ to lead them, and can lead a First Place for Health group. It’s vital to remember that Jesus is the real leader of “your” group. “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty” (Zechariah 4:6). Don’t allow the enemy to discourage your desire to follow God’s promptings. Jesus uses ordinary people to do the extraordinary. You can confidently say, “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13, New Living Translation). 

  • The My Place Leader’s Kit contains everything you need to confidently lead your group.
  • Check out the Leader portion of our website for resources to help you sustain a thriving group.
  • Join with others at our Events both in person and virtually.
  • How to Videos for Leaders.
  • Read our monthly Newsletter
  • Join our Inner Circle to have access to added value of support.  This valuable online resource supplements learning, provides resources, healthy recipes, and inspires you to keep Christ in first place.

When you have a leader and a group of individuals interested in starting the program, each new member will need the My Place Member’s Kit.  We recommend you begin with the default Bible study, Seek God First. Member’s Kit is a one-time purchase and contains everything the individual members in your group need to succeed. Each returning member will need the First Place for Health Bible study selected for the upcoming session.

The Lord already knows who will be joining your group.  Once you set the date for your Information Meeting, be sure to share it with friends, family and your local community.  Refer to the “Publicizing and Promoting the Ministry” in My Place for Leadership.

The most successful ministries plan for future expenses. Consider charging individuals an additional administration fee per 9-week session of $10-20. Future expenses might include: a reliable scale for weigh-ins, leader materials, incentive awards, victory celebrations, leadership training, and other miscellaneous items used during the meetings. Some groups may want to consider adding childcare and scholarship costs to their program as well. If you are leading a group at your church, consult with your pastor or other church officials to determine the registration fee to be collected from each member.

Recordings of our monthly Webinars are found on our YouTube Channel.

How to Videos for Members

To enhance the success of each member’s (and leader’s) First Place for Health experience, members are encouraged to read our monthly Newsletter and join our Inner Circle to have access to added value of support.  This valuable online resource supplements learning, provides resources, healthy recipes, and inspires each of us to keep Christ in first place.