Stay on Track


Summit is over, and you are motivated. Great speakers and information have spurred you on. You’ve recommitted to tracking, moving, and accountability. Congratulations! Now what? What steps do you need to take to stay on track?

  1. Plan for success.

First Place for Health® is not a place where you do any of this alone. With both our virtual and live groups, you will be surrounded by a community of support, cheering you on, and encouraging you when things feel hard.

I happen to be in two virtual groups. We often use FB Messenger and email to stay in touch throughout the week. There have been many times I’ve reached out to ask for prayer when I’m feeling weak and about to make decisions that will keep me from reaching goals. Another FP friend and I use the Marco Polo app to keep each other accountable and share prayer requests because we know the value of this process.

In My Place for Nutrition, you are given the tools to develop a lifestyle that is balanced, healthy, full of common sense, and do-able. There are no taboo foods, but there are choices that are better for you. Use this resource to create and sustain a lifestyle of healthy choices, with the freedom to occasionally enjoy less healthy treats without giving them a daily place in your life.

In My Place for Fitness, you have the opportunity to develop your plan for movement. What do you like to do? Exercise that is fun will be easier to stick with, in the long run. It doesn’t have to be hard. I learned a long time ago to find something I really enjoy because I’ll have more success if I do. Use this resource to write your fitness prescription, your own daily activity guide, along with fun resources to keep you moving in the right direction.

And in My Place for Discovery you’ll meet God right where you are to begin to transform, with His help, thoughts that might be sabotaging your efforts. Use this resource to discover your reason, your “why” for moving out of your current lifestyle to one that is full of truth, freedom, and adventure.

  1. Put it into Action.

A plan without action is just a plan. This is your life. Put away the past and move forward in the freedom He has given you today!

Too often, we let our feelings dictate our actions. “I don’t feel like working out today,” “I want that piece of cake,” I, I, I, I, I…  I almost always find that when I allow my feelings to dictate my day, my plans do not succeed.

Say, for example, you’ve planned to go on a walk with a friend today, but you don’t feel like it. Play out the two scenarios in your mind. One is you do nothing. You don’t go walking. You don’t meet that friend. How do you feel?

The next scenario is that you do meet your friend. You walk and talk, and you reach your goal. Now how do you feel? Which leaves you achieving your goal and feeling better?

Take the First Place for Health resources and make your plan a reality. Create a calendar with steps that are easily achieved. Take that walk with a friend. Or perhaps your goal for the day will simply be to park further away from the front door of the store. Or to plan your meals for the day, or maybe to spend 10 minutes meditating on God’s love for you.  Whatever it might be – do it. You will “feel” better.

Let your actions change your feelings; don’t let your feelings change your plan.

  1. Realize the Power within.

Our God is powerful. And He tells us in His word that He gives freely to those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:32). First Place for Health is about putting Him in charge of your life, your every decision, bringing every thought into captivity (Matt 6:33). Why? So that His power, His love, His wisdom, His peace, His faithfulness, His freedom will transform you into all He created you to be. (Romans 8:28) His word says that He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Tim 1:7). He has given us what we need to overcome. Psalms 68:35 says, “…the God of Israel is He who gives strength and power to His people. Blessed be God!”

Walk in His power and let His power transform your decisions today. And “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

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Mary Ward is the author of My Place for Fitness and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is also an ACE Faculty member leading various Continuing Education classes for fitness professionals. Mary is the Marketing Director and Northern Virginia Area Director for Body & Soul Fitness® and has been a Body & Soul instructor since 1987, teaching FIT360, Power Strength, Cardio/Strength, Gold, and Dance Blast classes. She is also certified through Refit®.