Strength Through Bible Study

Strength Through Bible Study

Vicki Strong! I don’t think so.

I am the weakest person I know. I may not be physically or spiritually weak, but definitely an emotional weakling. But really, who can say no to grandkids? And I can barely get through a Hallmark movie without shedding a tear or two. And war movies… I’m a wreck. I’m a total pushover for a stray cat.

Where does strength come from? There are all kinds of strength, some healthy and some not so healthy. Being so strong and stoic that you hold back emotion or affection that needs to be shared is not a healthy strength. Being strong enough to carry out the will of the Lord is a healthy strength. But then, some of my most fruitful work for Him has been in a debilitating state of weakness. It’s puzzling, and I admit I still have a lot to learn about what being strong really means. I have prayed many times over the years “Lord, keep me strong for you”… and then I’m reminded that if He is strong how strong do I have to be? Not very strong; just very dependent. I need the strength to lift my hands to Him, strength to drop to my knees, and the strength to open His word and obey. He provides all the rest. He is the true source of strength.

Our new Bible study by Janet McHenry Stronger Every Day is a fascinating study about ten characters in the Bible who demonstrated physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength as they followed the call of God on their lives. They were ordinary men and women willing to be made strong and brave by an extraordinary God. We will study the obedience strength of Noah, the uncompromising character of Joseph, the strength of leadership in Moses, the inner strength of Deborah, and the resilience of Ruth and more. As you open yourself to the transforming truth of Scripture and share your hopes and struggles with others in FP4H, you’ll find yourself becoming the healthy child of God, you are designed to be! And it’s all because our God is the God who gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak! (Isaiah 40:29 NIV.)

Weak girl/Strong girl,

Vicki Heath

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  1. Coming from a place of total weakness, this was such an encouraging word for me today. Thank you.