Share Your Story

Write a brief story about how God is working in your life through First Place for Health. Use your story to help you share with others.

Use the following questions to help develop your story:

  • Why did you join First Place for Health? What specific circumstances led you to a Christ-centered health and weight-loss program? What were you feeling when you joined?
  • What was your relationship with Christ when you started First Place for Health? What is it now?
  • Has your experience in First Place for Health changed your relationship with Christ? With yourself? With others?
  • How has your relationship with Christ, prayer, Bible study, and group support made a difference in your life?
  • What specific verse or passage of Scripture has made a difference in the way you view yourself or your relationship with Christ?
  • What experiences have impacted your life since starting First Place for Health?
  • In what ways is Christ working in your life today? In what ways is He meeting your needs?
  • How has Christ worked in the relationships in your life?

Answer the above questions in a few sentences, and then use your answers to help you write your own short personal faith story.

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.