Success is Caught Not Taught

Success is Caught Not Taught

I just returned home from spending four days with some fellow authors and speakers.  This is the fourth year we have met in January to refresh and refuel mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  A few have attended all four years and a few were with us for the first time.  The reason I am mentioning this event is because several things happened to convince me that in this life, much more is caught than taught.

Our daughter, Lisa Cramer, and our daughter-in-love, Lisa Lewis, cooked the meals for the group of authors.  Before the event began, Lisa L. asked Lisa C. why she ties her shoes with her left hand?  Lisa C. didn’t have a clue that she tied her shoes with her left hand but as the days went by, the three of us were amused at how much Lisa C. does with her left hand.  Lisa C. is not left-handed, but her Mama is (that would be me) and all we can figure is that Lisa observed me doing life left-handed and picked up the way I do things!

I also observed that four of the authors have lost a lot of weight this last year.  None of them are in a First Place 4 Health class where they live, which leads me to believe that they “caught” the teachings of First Place 4 Health and applied them without the support of a FP4H class.

One of these four women came last year feeling spiritually dry and after she went home, she completed the FP4H Bible study that each author received as part of our time together.  She shared that she has now completed four FP4H Bible studies and that they have changed her life and restored her passion for spending time with Jesus each morning.

She shared a new book with us, The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson, that is helping her to pray even more boldly than before. This book is about learning to pray bold prayers and this author shared that God has miraculously answered some bold prayers that she has prayed during this last year.

While I was away with the authors, I received an email from Joyce Ainsworth, a FP4H leader and networking leader in Brandon, Mississippi.  Last summer at our FP4H Summit, Joyce told the group that she intended to be at her weight goal by the end of 2011 and invited all of us present to join her.    Her email said:

Mrs. Carole and Vicki,

I am writing to let you know that on December 29, 2011, I reached my goal weight of 147 pounds.  My starting weight was 339 pounds so my total weight loss is 192 pounds. It has taken me about five years, so I have lost it the right way for sure.

Joyce is just about finished with a book she is writing on her experience and she will share how the spiritual growth she has received as she “caught” what FP4H teaches is the  reason she has been able to press on to her goal weight.  She has four groups with 85 people attending FP4H at her church.  They lost a total of 595 pounds during the fall and holiday sessions. I can guarantee that the reason for the success of the program at her church is that the people there have watched Joyce as she has lost a whole person (and a big one at that)!

Yes, people are watching what we do much more than what we say, and success is caught not taught.  I am praying that my new FP4H class catches my success this session and that they will “… follow me because I am following Christ.”  (1 Corinthians 11:1)

If you are a FP4H leader, I am praying for you as you seek after God and give Him first place in all you do in 2012.  As you do this, I can promise that the people in your FP4H class will “catch” what you are doing and follow you to success as they reach their goal.

If you are a FP4H member and you have a leader who is not having success, I am praying that you will seek after God and give Him first place in all you do in 2012.  As you do this, the people in your class will “catch” what you are doing and the Holy Spirit will do His work to change their hearts and lead them to the success you find.


Carole Lewis