I was finally ready to admit that something was missing.

A master of excuses, I believed I couldn’t afford the time or the small investment of money. When I finally hit my max weight I knew I had to get rid of excuses. As I continue to apply First Place for Health principles, Hope grows!

– Cynthia Ruchti
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I was never an athlete so I started from the beginning…

God used First Place for Health to change my life. I was overweight and out of shape but God helped me on the road to transformation, one step at a time.

– Becky Stephenson
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God took care of me and my mess…

God’s Word, His love and His sacrifice have a whole new meaning for me. I was afraid and a mess. God took care of me and my mess when I finally gave Him First Place in my life.

– Michele Lawrence
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It has been an “out of this world” adventure as a FP4H leader!

I have reached a goal weight I never imagined! The framework in First Place for Health has provided the structure, encouragement and guidance I needed to become the woman God created me to be. It’s been nothing short of a miracle and I am grateful.

– Jenn Krogh
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