It has given me the courage to speak about my journey with others and a desire to make a difference.

I’m ALL IN! I will step out and lead as God is directing.

I love coming to all the events. We are family, blessed, I am home.

It rejuvenated me to look forward to leading a FP4H group.

It gave me more encouragement to be more truthful to myself.

This is exactly what I needed. 

I need the wall I created to be knocked down.  I feel closer to Jesus. My journey feels richer.

I loved the friendliness of everyone.  The FP4H team always welcomes you with the Love of God oozing out of them. The food was delicious.

The tips that are practical and inspiration from God were the most helpful. This conference has inspired me to keep on going!

Open and honest dialogue, teaching and supportive atmosphere.  Life changing.

I came weary from my real life challenges, numb.  I’m leaving blessed, encouraged, brave and an overcomer.

WORTH IT is more than just an event.

WORTH IT is more than just a gathering.

WORTH IT is more than just information.


WORTH IT is about YOUR spiritual renewal.

WORTH IT is about YOUR plan for eating well.

WORTH IT is about YOUR plan for fitness.

WORTH IT is about YOUR emotional wellness.

     What is Summit?

Summit is a two-day event beginning on Friday, August 16, 2019 at 9AM
Ending on Saturday, August 17, 2019 at 3PM
Your registration fee includes lunch and dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday.
Optional fitness classes will be held each morning at 7:15AM
Optional group activity will be held Saturday night for those remaining in Houston after Summit.
Optional VIP event will be help Thursday night for those wanting to meet our speakers and leadership team.

Download the Summit Notebook PDF file by clicking on the image below.