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Barb inspires audiences to discover that God is all they need!

Keynote Speaker – Barb Roose
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Laura enjoyed a duel career as a horse trainer and Bluegrass recording artist.

Worship Leader – Laura Macon
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Vicki dances, jumps and limps her way to health as she leads exercise classes … She strives to bring others into the Kingdom

Audiences know Carole as warm, transparent, honest and humorous. 

Karen says her greatest achievement is her marriage to George. In her spare time, she follows her lifelong quest to find the perfect purse.

 – Karen Porter
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Cooking is Lisa’s jam and has been a part of our wellness weeks and events for many years.  She’s not afraid to take whisks.

You can find Helen navigating the waves on her stand-up paddle board or biking up and over the next hill. She encourages everyone to say “Yes” to all God has planned.

God, graciously swooped in, lifted Becky out of the pit of her own making and set her feet on a solid Rock. 

Master of Ceremonies – Becky Turner
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Mark’s primary ministry is supporting people with hurts, habits and hang-ups … He is the happiest depressed person he knows!

 – Mark Heath
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You cannot conquer what conquers you on your own power. You need the power of God.

 – Donnamarie Roberts
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Debbie enjoys seeing people transformed by realizing that exercise can be fun and that they can achieve their goals & connect with God simultaneously. 

 – Debbie Brown
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Charlotte Davis 06 2019

Charlotte never plans to stop because God forever changed her life and her priorities through the program! 

I truly believe it is possible for us to find our authentic self, be healed from past hurts, and reach our weight-loss and fitness goals. I know God wants us to achieve His peace in our wellness journey. It’s worth it! 

Summit Coordinator – Michelle Peters
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