The Beauty and Tragedy of Free Will

The Beauty and Tragedy of Free Will

You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. GALATIANS 5:13

William Wallace’s story, portrayed in the movie Braveheart, tells us that he was strapped down on a plank of wood in the shape of a cross and was about to die for what he believed in. You knew that the credits would soon roll, but you hoped the movie would not end that way. As he filled his lungs for one of the last times, he cried out, “Freedom!” and moments later the executioner’s axe was on his neck. As I read Galatians 5:13, I can’t help but believe that when Jesus was hanging from a cross, looking down the corridor of time, He saw me and cried, “Freedom for you!” His death paid for my freedom, and with it all things are permissible but all things are not beneficial. How I use this freedom—how you use this freedom—is up to us. It’s both the beauty and the tragedy of free will. Free will gives us the ability of choice to use this dearly bought freedom to indulge our sinful nature and our fleshly desires. The paradox is that when we do choose to indulge ourselves, greater bondage is created rather than greater freedom. The more we feed the flesh, the less we feed the Holy Spirit of God. The Spirit is still present and fully available to empower us to say no to ourselves and yes to godliness, but He will not impose Himself on us. But, oh my, if we do choose to use that freedom for righteousness and ask Him to empower us and fill us with His Spirit, He will dive into that pit of our own making and lift us out onto solid ground! In the process, we will not only experience greater freedom, but we will also be able to love and serve others like never before. Our choices will either appease the flesh (for it is never fully satisfied) or bring glory to God. How will you choose today?

Action Item: Are you walking in freedom that indulges self or glorifies God? Are there areas of bondage in your life brought about by your own choices? Journal your confessions and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you so you can walk in freedom.

Becky Turner, First Place for Health Speaker
Houston, Texas

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    Such a good word! Thanks Becky for always bringing great truths from God’s word!

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    So well said, Becky. Thank you for sharing the meaning of God’s word so effectively and with compassionate confrontation.

  3. So true and always timely!