The Frump Factor

The Frump Factor

Frumpiness is born out of our attempts to be comfortable, and it develops slowly in our closet over time.  One client called and described her clothes as being “The 3-Ds:”

Drab, Dull, and Dowdy


After surveying her closet, we realized that the frumpage had taken root in her casual wear, and was beginning to spread to her “out and about” wardrobe.  She confessed that it all started with a couple of extra pounds around her midsection, and the discovery that her husband’s jeans fit her and were more comfortable than her own. So she tried them on to prove her point. While they looked pretty good from the front, they sagged and bagged from behind, and too often we women tend to overlook that part of our appearance.


As we sorted through the rest of her closet, most of the clothes were oversized for her body and past their peak in color.  So we weeded out all the faded offenders and shapeless sweats. Then we returned her husband’s clothes to his closet.


Finally, we enacted The Law of Comfortable Style. This is a creative combination of one fitted piece of clothing with one loose piece. For example: A shapely T-shirt with a soft, fuller pair of pants or a flowing top or jacket over a pair of leggings.  By adding a few bright-colored tank tops and a fresh pair of well-chosen jeans, we transformed her look from the 3-Ds to:


AAA = Adaptive, Active and Attractive.


She went from frumpy to fabulous with very little effort or expense. You can do the same!

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Jill Swanson, Christian Image Cconsultant, specializes is teaching people how to dress without stress and go from stagnant to stunning in a snap.  Her goal is to help women clarify, simplify and modify their personal style while discovering the powerful language behind clothing and colors.  She is the author of  “Simply Beautiful – Inside and Out” and her brand new book, “Out the Door in 15 Minutes.”