The Joys of Walking

This is the time of year when the warmer weather draws us outside. We open our front door and we just naturally want to be more active to enjoy God’s beautiful world that is coming alive with springtime. Let’s take advantage of that natural urge to ramp up our fitness, and start with the simple joys of walking!

Walking. What a great sport! We can do it anywhere, anytime. We don’t have to pay to walk—no gym membership or class tuition is required. We can wear pretty much any clothing we want when we walk, so there is no money outlay for that. The only equipment we need is a good pair of walking shoes. They are sold everywhere, and these days you can look for good deals and great sales for walking shoes that you will wear not only for fitness walking, but for everyday life when you have an active lifestyle.

And don’t forget the spiritual benefits of walking. That may sounds crazy, but think about it. When you are walking, your body is occupied, but your mind is free. You can take that time to pray, making it a “walking date with God” or listen to some inspiring Christian music. With today’s modern technology, you can even choose to listen to the Bible on your iPod, or enjoy a special sermon via podcast.

Here’s another benefit–you can make walking a special time of fellowship with a friend, sharing stories and prayer requests, encouraging one another and being an accountability partner in your journey to physical fitness.

Are you beginning to see that there are many joys to walking? It is an opportunity, not an obligation. It is a wonderful tool to stay both physically fit and spiritually fit. And after all, walking is something that we want to be able to do for life!

Whether you measure your miles with a pedometer to reach a goal or just make the decision to walk more each and every day, walking will give you joy if you approach it with an attitude of expectation! Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice (Philippians 4:4 KJV) —while walking, and at all times!


Jeannie Blocher