The More You Were Meant For

The More You Were Meant For

It was a photo of a waffle iron. Her status update on social media said seven simple words about the picture. I want these two buttons for life: RESTART and A BIT MORE.  There – in stainless steel simplicity – was the longings of a friend with complicated challenges. I understood right away and I share in her longings for a restart… and a bit more.  Because life is full of pain that stirs our hunger for something better. Something more. Something miraculous and full of promise. We want the hurts to stop and the healing to start. Now.

IF ONLY we could overcome our trials by pushing a few buttons.  We do try, though. Don’t we? With wine, men, shopping, status, service, food, or even with working out… none of which point us in the direction to the more we long for.  The pressure drives us low, and burdens us with a weight we aren’t meant to carry. And in the heaviness of it all, the Bible points to a hope that remains in Christ. When we call to the One who is all about restarts and more – His grace meets us there. In the pain, the disappointment, the bitterness, the anger, and in the hopelessness.

When the apostle Paul pleaded with God to make his life “more” by removing the thorn in his side, the Lord told him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:8-9)  I read this and wonder just how much of God’s strength and grace – how much of His more – goes untapped in my life because I simply fail to ask for it or believe He actually cares enough to intervene. If His strength is made perfect in my weakness, as it was in Paul’s, then why do I often still feel weak?

Perhaps the strength God provides through His grace is about a lot more than my feelings and my failures. One  thing I know for sure is that my emotions are unreliable. And I KNOW God! He is faithful, He is always with me, His ways are higher and His thoughts are more comprehensive than mine. I know He lifts my head when I’m downhearted and His compassion for humanity is white hot like a flame.

The more we’re meant for is found in Jesus Christ. He took on death so you and I could take on life – a life of more that offers hope to mankind. HE is the more you are meant for.

Excerpt from I Want it All:

When we focus our gaze on perfect Love, you and I can confidently say, “I want it all, all the love God has for me. I want a sacred awareness that shatters my indifference. I want a raging revival deep within to drive the temperature of my faith beyond lukewarm. I want to hear every whisper that the Word speaks to my heart. And I want to embrace my loving heavenly Father, who is patient, kind, full of compassion, slow to anger, and deeply in love with me.”

I want all of Him.

Every ounce of the Love that never fails.

Every ounce of Jesus.

Yes, I want it all.


Gwen Smith……………………………………………………………