The Perfect Anxiety Prescription

The Perfect Anxiety Prescription

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. PHILIPPIANS 4:6

I type medical reports for a living, and I’m saddened by the number of reports I type daily in which the patient is struggling with severe anxiety. It has become an epidemic affecting people of all ages. I certainly understand feeling anxious. I would often find myself struggling with anxious thoughts and was called a “worry wart” by others. If there were nothing to worry about, I would find something to worry about!

I used to even feel anxious every time I decided to eat healthily and lose weight. I would obsess about how long it would be before I fell off track again and went right back to my old habits. I worried about failing before I even got started. Yet, the more I studied the Bible, the more I realized that fear was the opposite of faith.

Scripture tells us not to be anxious about anything. I still find myself giving in to that old “worry wart” mentality at times, but I’ve learned that anxiety is a sign that I’m not praying and trusting God. When I try to fix things myself rather than allowing God to work them out, it causes anxiety and fear to take over. God wants us to come to Him by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, and lay our requests before Him.

What a wonderful privilege it is to be able to take all of our burdens and anxious thoughts to our heavenly Father. Life is filled with stress and anxieties that are real and unpleasant, but God will give us peace and calm in the midst of any storm. We need to stop worrying and start praying because prayer is the perfect anxiety prescription!

Action Item: Are anxious thoughts weighing you down? Write a prayer to God, casting your burdens on Him and asking Him to fill you with His perfect peace.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, when anxious thoughts weigh heavy upon my heart, help me to remember that peace is found in You alone.

Joni Shaffer

Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Taken from the Better Together Devotional, available now in the FP4H online store.